Monthly Archives: February 2014

We can moan about news rack pickups, or we can do something about it

How would you like to add 700 students to your next issue’s readership?

How big a story would you have to splash on your cover with bold, exciting art and type?  How long would it take to build an editorial operation that could pull that off every issue?

News flash: I handed out 700 papers last Thursday.


As an experiment, I spent about three hours repeating “Have a paper” to students walking between classes, waiting to get on a shuttle bus or on the way to lunch. Our administrative assistant found a good spot at lunchtime and handed out 350 in less than an hour. Our combined 1,050 papers would boost even our best rack pickup numbers by 25 percent.

So I know what I’m going to do about the ever-declining number of students who will look at a newspaper rack.  I’m hiring (at modest stipends) student “street teams” who will cheerfully hand out papers, engage students and post observations to social media.

Can’t afford the hiring? Maybe your staff will pitch in. My staff has, but not the hours at a time I think it will take to do this right.  They are too busy with classes and their demanding student media jobs to be street team members. If volunteers aren’t the answer and you can’t afford hiring, ask yourself: Can you afford to watch your readership continue to drop?

Of course this isn’t the whole answer. The paper still needs to interest the student who allows me to slip it between two fingers she extends from her coffee cup. Erica Perel’s great advice about your above the fold rating still applies. But if the paper interests that reader, I think she’ll be happy to accept it from a street team member whenever it’s offered.

A year from now, I think I’ll be spending considerably less money stocking racks. Racks that don’t post big numbers will be phased out. Time and money will be diverted to student-to-student distribution.

And if some business wants to buy a sponsorship on the street team T-shirts … OK, I’ll let you know how it goes.