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NOLA Notes: A “news academy” for college media newbies

Note: This is the first of a yet-to-be determined number of posts based on a mountain of notes I furiously typed into a laptop during the National College Media Convention in New Orleans last week.

Correction appended below.

Updated Nov. 1 with UCLA Daily Bruin training information at bottom of post.

John Harvey is the Johnny Appleseed of an idea likely to fascinate and frighten you the first time you hear it: What if you REQUIRED every new reporter in your student media operation to go through a 12-week “News Academy,” attending 12 one-hour classes, spending time with senior staffers, completing a minimum number of assignments and passing a final exam — all BEFORE they could apply for a staff position?

The natural reaction is, “I wish we could do that. But could we really REQUIRE it? Would anyone work here?”

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