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Get worked up about assigned reading? So do professors. Is there a story here?

Your humble blogger finds it difficult to speak to a college audience without mentioning his humble opinion about college media coverage of what it’s like to go to college. For example, everybody in your audience goes to class, right? When did you last report on a classroom issue?

Three of my previous posts along these lines are linked at the bottom of this one, so I’ll spare you my complete rant. But I can’t resist passing along this topic I noted in a Twitter chat for professors this week. (I’m not a professor, but I lurk.)

The subject is assigned reading. The question posed: “Given changes in attention spans & how we read (skimming, skipping, etc.), should we change the readings we assign?”

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Learning from a novelist/professor about storytelling

Clyde Edgerton is one of my favorite novelists — and a nice guy to boot. I made sure I got to the Decatur (Ga.) Book Festival last week to hear him give advice to aspiring writers.

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