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Why it helps to talk about your newsroom culture

This headline jumped out at me from a very interesting blog post by Mark Pollard about the New York ad agency where he works, Big Spaceship: “It’s a very self-aware culture.”

He elaborated:

I can’t recall working somewhere and hearing people talk about the culture of an agency so frequently. It’s common to hear discussion about what sorts of clients and projects we thrive on and what sorts of clients and projects don’t feel right for us.

If you’re a newsroom leader or just interested in promoting a more creative newsroom, I recommend reading Pollard’s full post. Yes, he’s talking about an ad agency. But he just as easily could be describing a newsroom. How often in our newsrooms do we talk about the “sorts of [stories] and projects we thrive on?” If you truly want to do the kind of work you talk about late at night or at conferences, you need to have these conversations — a lot.

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Would you have seen Barack Obama’s potential?

New college graduate Barack Obama got a job at a business information company in New York. His first boss was, in effect, a city editor. And he was not very impressed by young Obama. According to biographer David Maraniss, the boss “could not see him as a leader.”

The reason behind that editor’s opinion should interest every college media leader, especially those considering staff selections for the coming year.

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Selected for college media staff? Cherish the moment

Joy in 140 characters. It’s a new rite of spring. Students take to Twitter to celebrate announcements of editors-in-chief, managing editors and other positions in college media newsrooms.

It takes me back to a time long before Twitter. But this won’t be a long nostalgic post. Indulge me one memory, and I’ll offer a brief bit of advice for the newly minted leaders.

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