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Some (mostly) positive thoughts on college media, the mobile tsuanami and native advertising

It’s not all bad! I posted “some nervous tweets” last week to share the alarming things I’m reading lately about the demise of banner ads and the tsunami of mobile.

The tweet collection below is somewhat more optimistic, I think. I’m particularly interested in the rise of “native” ads — which might be described as digital ads that your audience might actually want to read.

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Some nervous tweets about mobile and the future of student media

Freeing your writing voice

It seems only fair after my post inviting you to the National College Media Convention session March 11 on writing with voice — and overcoming the “stranglers” — that I report on the solutions we discussed.

As always seems to be the case when the topic is great writing, a bunch of smart, engaged students turned up in New York — and again at Georgia State University on March 16 when I repeated the session at the SPJ “MediAtlanta” conference. (And at GSU, Seminole State College professor Jennifer Sheppard took great notes and graciously shared them so I could better recall questions and unscripted comments.)

So here are the five “stranglers” I listed, along with some suggested solutions.

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Let’s improve college media coverage of rape, domestic violence

I’m happy to be among of group of College Media Association members who will sponsor a meeting at the New York convention March 10 to discuss coverage of rape and domestic violence.

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