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How to be a bad editor-in-chief

We’re actually going to do a session at NYC13 called “How to Be a Bad EIC.”

To get a head start, I asked my colleagues on the College Media Association listserv for their tips on how to stink at being a college media leader.

I got an earful! I’ve collected some of the tips below, in no particular order. I was tempted to summarize, but instead I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

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Three beats campus media should start — and how

First, I propose beat reporting on three topics either much on the minds or very important to college students but severely under-reported by student media. Then, I answer the obvious question, “Can we really find enough stories about that to make it a regular beat?”

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Three Mistakes College Newsrooms Make With Twitter

Your Twitter feed can attract readers, but it just as surely can drive them away. To make sure you’re doing the former, give some thought to how you write tweets, whether you’re hitting a reader with a stream or a fire hose and whether you’re aggregating outside sources.

1. Tweets must be AT LEAST as well written as headlines.

Here’s my favorite college media news tweet of 2012:

But that’s an exception. Far, far too many college media tweets look like these (tweeters’ names removed to protect the guilty):

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