Tipsheet: College eds story idea roundup 11/26/2012

Story ideas for the last issue(s) of this semester, plus some stuff to start now for those early January issues:

With finals looming, students using “energy drinks” should want to know that the FDA says “5 Hour Energy” drinks are “associated” with 13 reported deaths. Note that’s not the same as saying the drinks killed anyone.

Other students will use Adderall as a study aid. The Miami Hurricane controversially appeared to endorse Adderall abuse. Some see it as as a magic pill to cope with unreasonable college burdens, but researchers have found abuse can become dependence, with dangerous consequences such as seizures and high blood pressure.

Finishing a term paper? At least one English lit professor thinks they should be abolished.

After finals, students go home for winter break. Maybe Thanksgiving dinner didn’t go so well, so they might welcome some advice on coping with family.

As promised, some ideas for January:

Many of your readers will drop lots of money in the campus bookstore when school resumes. Does your college get a cut of that? Would prices go down if your administration emulated Southern New Hampshire University and negotiated for lower book prices by dropping its commission?

Will 2013 be the year your college joins those enacting campuswide (even outdoor) smoking bans?

What’s the male enrollment in gender or women’s studies classes? What is the classroom atmosphere among men and women in those classes?

My opinion on this one: If you want to follow up on Business Insider’s “most dangerous colleges” rankings, I agree with Frank LoMonte of the Student Press Law Center, who calls them “phony rankings [which] discourage accurate crime reporting and reward cooking the books.” More criticism from Campus Safety Magazine.

On the other hand, this list of “Majors That Change The World” is based on a broad survey of employed people looking back at whether the impact of their college majors. Medical and social service majors dominated the Top 10. Journalism, by the way, ranked 88th, below the median. Naturally, I have an opinion about that, too.

Will your 21st birthday party be hazardous to your health? Colleges increasingly are trying to curb binge drinking as rites of passage.

You’ve noticed international enrollment is growing, but do you know by how much. Justin Pope of the AP reports, for instance, that Indiana University went from 87 Chinese undergrads five years ago to 2,224 this year.


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