Tipsheet: College eds story idea roundup 11/10/2012

We’re all relieved that the presidential campaign is over, but don’t stop thinking about the election just yet. Election Day raised some interesting questions.

The conventional wisdom was that turnout by younger voters would decline in 2012 because the novelty of President Obama’s first campaign had waned. But an early estimate says there was no drop. Does this mean young voters are staying focused and will be more of a force in future elections? A good question to ask on your campus.

Regular readers know I disdain asking campus political operatives to repeat the same talking points we hear on television every day. But it might really be interesting to ask your campus Republicans what they see as the future of their party. Change is in the air. Sean Hannity changed his position on immigration. A major point of concern for the party is its unpopularity with young people. So what do young Republicans think?

A chance for editorial page leadership: Did your students get stuck in line to vote? President Obama said, “We have to fix that.” An expert says much more attention needs to be given to keeping voting machines running. I think we can expect to see a push for federal legislation mandating early voting standards in all states, although your humble blogger has not been able to find anything authoritative on the constitutionality of that idea. How about a national holiday on Election Day? Editorial pages, including campus editorial pages, can shine a light on this. If voting was a mess in your state, start asking legislators now what they’re going to do to fix it. Hold their feet to the fire whenever the legislature is in session. Ask every legislator who visits the campus.

Voters in two states want to legalize marijuana. Does this signal a national trend, or at least an opening to try some different approaches to the “war on drugs?”

Gay marriage was a 4-0 winner on state ballots Tuesday. Could a referendum be coming to your state? Some advocates don’t think there will be many more.

You don’t have to be at one of the campuses which suffered racist protests on Election Night to use the election as an opportunity to talk about race. Is your campus post-racial? Can that really be true if your fraternities and sororities are segregated? Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights legend, talked about that with The Crimson White of the University of Alabama.


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