Tipsheet: College eds story idea roundup 11/06/2012

This week’s story idea roundup is all about students, the subject that should be first in the minds of all college media editors. I don’t have quite as many links as usual because I was occupied by the National College Media Convention in Chicago last week, but I make up for it by going on at length (again) about student attitudes toward college.

I’ve mentioned Arthur Levine‘s research into student attitudes previously, and perhaps a new interview with him in The New York Times will give you the push you need to assign some stories. Some choice points from the article:

  • A college mom called 15 times “all the way up to the president, when her son had trouble with his wireless connection.”
  • “One in five college kids are in touch with their parents three or more times a day, and 41 percent are in touch every day.”
  • “There’s been a real shift in race relations. [Years ago], it was like black and white students had grown up in completely different worlds. When we would ask about different figures, blacks liked the ones whites didn’t like — like Jesse Jackson and Spike Lee — and vice versa. But now they tend to like and dislike the same people.”
  • “They say their primary reason for going to college is to get training and skills that will lead to a job, and let them make money. They’re willing to have a major they’re not really interested in if they think there will be job growth in that field.”

Regular readers of this blog will know that last point drives me crazy. I’ve written about it and suggested stories here and here. But also consider Georgetown University student Victor Tolomeo’s view that it’s understandable that students in this economic climate think money is important.


How is your college coping with the rising numbers of students with autism diagnoses?

If a transgender student who looks like a man wants to use the women’s locker room, what’s a college to do?

Your college may be recruiting more international students because they pay full price. Does this cause problems? The Student Press Law Center has some smart suggestions for using public records to look at this topic.


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