Tipsheet: College eds story idea roundup 10/22/2012

Marijuana, F-bombs, gobs of voter stories, surprises in the biggest ever LGBT survey. Your humble blogger rounds up a week of tweets and other thoughts worthy of starting arguments among your readers. And a disgusting story to reward you for reading all the way to the end.

Marijuana legalization is on the ballot in Colorado, Oregon and Washington. And a federal appeals court is considering whether the federal government should be forced to classify marijuana as a medical treatment.

Should F-bombs be OK in class? There is a lot of discussion by faculty types in this Chronicle of Higher Education blog post, including interesting reader comments. I’d be interested in student views, and also what “rules” apply to foul language in other public spaces on campus.

It’s not too late to talk to undecided voters on campus. And don’t assume they’re just stupid, says veteran political reporter Walter Shapiro.

And some voters may actually have changed their minds. The Pew number crunchers report that 16 percent of social media users changed a political view because of posts they read.

And here’s the latest on the likelihood that young voter turnout will decline in this election. Related, as I posted last week: a great analysis of census survey data on why college students who did not vote in 2008 offers great coverage possibilities.

Does binge drinking in college put some students on the road to alcoholism?

Update: I’m not claiming credit, mind you, but the Red and Black (independent serving the University of Georgia) had the same idea I did in the Oct. 8 Tipsheet about interviewing people on campus about a survey of gay characters on television. Check it out if you didn’t go for the idea the first time.

More about LGBT Americans: A new Gallup survey (with the largest ever sample for this subject) challenges a lot of stereotypes. To pick one: Women ages 18-29 are almost twice as likely as men to identify as LGBT. Gallup also found that rich white guys are not the most likely to identify as LGBT. Or, as Jezebel put it, “Not All LGBT Americans Are Neil Patrick Harris.

Human lifespan is marching higher, and some scientist expectn big leaps for today’s college generation. I’d be interested to know how long students expect (or want) to live, and what they want to accomplish in that time. What do they think their lives will be like in 50 years? Hmm, “Our Lives In 2063.” Not a bad idea for your first issue of 2013? You’re welcome.

Want to get some faculty members buzzing? Follow up on the issue of whether female scientists, including college faculty, are mistreated by male colleagues. It’s a lively topic in the faculty world after an outrageous incident at a scientific conference.

As promised, a disgusting kicker. You don’t want to know what’s on the hands of a lot of people around you. Hint: it rhymes with “scoop.” How about a story on whether students wash their hands in restrooms? And why they really, really should. I mean, who used that keyboard in the newsroom before you did? Sanitizer, stat.


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