Ask some simple Greek questions

Journalists have an unfortunate tendency to avoid covering some of the biggest parts of life because they seem so obvious.

Which brings me to fraternities and sororities. On many campuses, they are a big deal. But other than sporadic political disputes (Greeks and college media editors seem not to get along very well), news coverage of fraternities and sororities too often is limited to allegations of misconduct and criminality. To choose some recent examples: dangerous alcohol consumption, hazing and rape.

But do you really need a “new peg” like a scandal to justify spending some time reporting on students’ experiences in fraternities and sororities? The questions aren’t complicated: “Why did you join? What did you find? Would you do it again?” In some cases, “Why did you leave?”

I have a feeling you would get some powerful responses. Consider this piece by an alum who found strong personal relationships in his fraternity. Or this one by a student who felt isolated when he didn’t receive a bid to join a fraternity. Or this devastating account by a college professor of her experience in a sorority.

My friendly advice is not to make this a “project.” Just put out the word you’d like to publish thoughts about the Greek system. Start doing so, perhaps through social media. See what happens.


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Student media director, Georgia Southern University

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