#BORING! Why do some people love classes you hate?

Warning, student media editors: this is going to be a lecture. You don’t like lectures? Hmm, maybe that would make an interesting story, considering how many lectures take place on your campus every day.

A Tweet may be the opposite of a lecture, but it’s how this one starts. A student of mine who has moved to another institution tweeted the other day:

U.S. History is by far the worst subject ever…#boring.

I’m a history buff. I unloaded a three-Tweet reply:

It’s only the story of the first large society ever to adopt the idea that people should govern themselves … 

… and to take that idea so seriously that it endured a catastrophic war to preserve it … 

…and to prove that the idea of freedom eventually will conquer the strongest prejudice.

I don’t think I won her over to the love of history. That’s OK. My point here is that some people DO love history. Some love biology. Some love languages. Why not ask them why? Why not explore what makes a particular class or subject so boring to one person and fascinating to the person in the next seat?

Why not ask if everyone really does hate lectures? The truth is that some students would rather take notes for 50 minutes or so and never listen to another student’s question. Why?

For all the “consumer” stories that student media outlets rightly pursue, I don’t see very many about the primary thing you “consume” from your college: classes. In one of those classes, you may find a career and/or a lifelong passion. So isn’t it worth considering how students fall in love with a class or brand it “#boring?”

Social media sounds like a great way to at least start the story. You folks do not need a lecture on how to do that. #Sogetgoing.


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Student media director, Georgia Southern University

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