Tipsheet: College eds story idea roundup 10/08/2010

Rounding up a week of story idea tweets, starting with a subject near and dear to the hearts of college media advisers: grit.

The Chronicle of Higher Education tells us that that all the buzz at a confab of admissions officers is about measuring “grit.”

Grit, as described by some researchers, is the habit of overcoming challenges, of learning from mistakes instead of being defeated by them. One administrator described it as “that fire in the belly.”

Or as a media adviser might define it: getting the paper out, no matter what! Most of your readers don’t have the advantage of learning grittiness from the student media pressure cooker, but I bet they would read a story/take a quiz about whether they need more grit.

It turns out that some real research has been done on measuring grit by Angela Duckworth, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. She even has posted quick tests like this one so students can see how they measure up.

It’s not just about getting good grades. One of employers’ complaints about college graduates in recent years has been their alleged propensity to fall apart when confronted by a problem.

Meanwhile …

Ohio State plans to offer students money to live on campus during their sophomore year, based on research suggesting that improves student success. What do your readers think? Smarter to live on- or off-campus?

Another conversation starter: Should you take a year off?

And one more: There are more gay characters on network television this fall. Does this matter?

If you haven’t done the “is college worth it” story lately, here is a financial analysis including the latest unemployment figures.

Maybe you’ve already dived into your campus Clery Act report (the one colleges had to produce by Oct. 1), but take a look at this anyway: the Student Press Law Center has helpfully rounded up coverage by a bunch of college newsrooms to give you more ideas.

If your football team is having a good year, you might have fun with an academic paper finding that a winning team equals more drinking by male students (not the players!) and lower grades. That’s right, a good football season is bad for male students’ GPA. Come to think of it, if your team is having a bad year, maybe a better GPA is the silver lining for unhappy fans.

And in case you missed it, I made some suggestions last week about covering body image issues and eating disorders.


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