Tipsheet: College eds story idea roundup 10/01/2012

Rounding up my recent story idea tweets: It’s the season for voting (or not), getting a flu shot (or not) and for your college to thoroughly report crime statistics (or not).

Your coverage of the first presidential debate may increase interest in voting on your campus. (What? You haven’t planned student-specific coverage? Take a look at this.)

It may not be too late to register to vote in your state. Google offers TurboVote, an incredibly simple tool to connect students to information, voting links and even reminders to go vote. But students also may need to act to be sure they can meet voter identification requirements.

As previously mentioned on this blog, not everybody sees the point in voting. Some college leaders have some ideas to change that, and you may want to check out the Campus Election Engagement Project. Also, the Pew Research Center last week released a new article on what appears to be reduced interest among young voters in this election.

Deep in this column about differences among conservatives is a great quote from an activist:  “The government’s not here for empathy, it’s here for the law.” It’s possible to make reasoned, fact-checkable arguments for and against that proposition. Why not on your opinion page?

It’s time to get a flu shot. Your humble blogger must admit to precious little sympathy for the pseudo-scientific arguments students concoct for avoiding the shot, but it’s true that many students for whatever reason fail to get vaccinated.

Today (Monday, Oct. 1) is the deadline for your college’s annual campus crime report under the Clery Act. Be sure you check the Student Press Law Center’s excellent advice for using the report. Brace yourself for this shocking idea: The SPLC says colleges don’t always tell the full story.

Regular readers of this blog are (perhaps painfully) aware that I think cheating is a big-deal story for college audiences. The authors of a new book have some interesting views on whether the problem is worse and how students rationalize cheating.


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