Tipsheet: College eds idea roundup 09/24/2012

Rounding up a week of story idea tweets, beginning with politics:

Who are the undecided voters on your campus? A new Pew survey says only 22 percent of registered voters aren’t certain of their presidential choice. Pew also finds young voters seem to be paying less attention to the 2012 campaign than was the case in 2008.

How much political opinion is kosher in the classroom? Do students ever feel their professor is campaigning? A professor in Florida is in hot water over such an allegation.

As mentioned previously, college students in some states may have trouble complying with new voter identification laws. Some critics see the laws as simple partisan politics. It’s worth checking on the situation in your state, and I’ll say for the third time that you should regularly remind readers of voter registration deadlines.


Students who throw parties should have a safety checklist, say experts trying to cut down on fatalities.

An app to help prevent sexual assault sets up a safety net of six friends to call upon in dodgy situations.

“Sugar daddy” dating sites were in the news last week. A young student gets money for college fro an older, uh, friend. Does this really go on? Yep, here’s an interview with one “sugar baby” from The Signal at Georgia State University.

Turn down that music! Experts say your earbuds can damage your hearing.

Last but not least, a wrinkle on the cheating stories I’ve been urging you to do. What about students who cheat so they can FAIL their language placement tests?



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