Tipsheet: College eds story idea roundup 09/09/2012

Rounding up recent tweets: the politics of student loans, poverty and drugs; textbook costs; and yet another link to get you thinking about cheating.

The presidential campaign is giving some attention to the cost of going to college, as reported last week by The New York Times and USA Today College. Meanwhile, a Huffington Post College piece said “the Pell Grant now covers less than one-third of the cost of attendance at public four-year university, the lowest in its history.”

HuffPo College also offers some good background on two issues getting less attention from the candidates: the “war on drugs” and poverty.

I’ve posted previously encouraging you to talk to students about their engagement in the political process, and I’ll repeat one piece of that advice: Regularly remind your readers how to register to vote and the relevant deadlines.

Another previous post: Plan for student-centered coverage of the candidate debates. Quick: What’s the date of the first debate? If you don’t know, you don’t have a debate plan!

What does the growing use of access codes to access online supplementary materials mean for students with used textbooks?

And with the Harvard scandal continuing to attract attention, regular readers knew I’d have another link on cheating, including this quote from Harvard professor (and ethics guru) Howard Gardner summing up the attitudes of students who cheat:  “We want to be famous and successful, we think our colleagues are cutting corners, we’ll be damned if we’ll lose out to them, and some day, when we’ve made it, we’ll be role models. But until then, give us a pass.” There are good stories on every campus about these attitudes. Some of my earlier thoughts are here.


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