Tipsheet: College eds story idea roundup 09/04/2012

Rounding up recently tweeted story ideas: The gender gap in college achievement; the sleep gap for everybody; and why don’t I carry on a little more about cheating?

Not only are women outnumbering men at graduation, they’re more likely to aspire to college in the first place. I dare you to spend 10 minutes in a cafeteria asking people about this without finding a good story.

Speaking of gender, does it matter if a professor hugs you?

College students are supposed to sleep nine hours a night? (Insert joke about sleeping in class here.) Some colleges are trying to help students get their rest.

Is your college a football or basketball power? Should it be? A new study offers a wrinkle to the arguments over the relationship between sports and academics: A Division I football or basketball championship produces an increase in prospective students.

Just when you thought I might stop carrying on about cheating and what it means about why students go to college, along comes a cheating scandal at Harvard. Among the many angles: what about honor codes?

Finally, an idea in search of a story on your campus: a very cool graphic, sort of a timeline on steroids, in which the history of modern art is mapped like the London tube.


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