Get on the Future Train in Chicago

In “Physics of the Future,” scientist Michio Kaku says “the future is like a huge freight train barreling down the tracks.” We can’t stop the train, so what do we do?

… the reaction of some is to say, ‘I’m too old. I can’t learn this stuff. I’ll just lie down and get run over by the train.’ However, the reaction of the young, the energetic and the ambitious is to say, “Get me on that train.’

— Michio Kaku

If you’re a leader in student media, you get on the train in Chicago at the National College Media Convention. It’s Nov. 1-4, with extra workshops on Oct. 31. The registration book is now online, and online registration is open.

Sometimes you want your adviser to be blunt (I hope). So pretend I’m your adviser for a moment. You need to get to this convention. You won’t find professional up-to-the-minute training like this anywhere else. You won’t find such a critical mass of student journalists and those who care about student media anywhere else. You just won’t learn this much stuff this well anywhere else.

If you have to dig into your own pocket, do it. If you have to raise hell with authorities on your campus who don’t understand that this is not the kind of lame “team-building” junket that other student organizations take, do it.

Just get there. And then use every minute of every day and every night in Chicago to learn and network and be amazed at what this profession can do. You’ll go home and make your media organization better — immediately.

If you’re already on board, please pass this message along (or write your own) to your peers at other schools who may not have heard just how important this is.

I’ll see you in Chicago.


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Student media director, Georgia Southern University

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