Tipsheet: College editors idea roundup 8/27/2012

Rounding up a week of tweets with some elaboration: sociologists and sports; cheating on classwork and cheating your dreams;  artists and news.

Are sports important on your campus? Why? Some sociologists think it’s not just school spirit and alumni money — and even think joining the right athletic conference can help academics.

I had plenty to say earlier about these topics: Do most students really cheat, and what does that say about why they’re in college? Speaking of why students are enrolled in the first place, alarming (to me, anyway) new research says many students bypass the major they’d really like in favor of something they think will bring more money.

Would it be interesting to ask artists to draw their impressions of a news topic? CNN did.

Latinos now are the largest minority group in American colleges. True on your campus? Important?

Unless your college offers no remedial program, you might be interested in research showing that remedial programs do not improve student success. In fact, one new study suggests remedial programs mainly help some students realize they ought to drop out! Journalists at two-year schools should take a look at the Community College Research Center, which does great work and will cheerfully field inquiries from student journalists.

And finally:

This is not a story idea (unless you feel so moved), but take a minute and support Homicide Watch DC’s fund drive. This is important to the future of high-quality journalism. Even a $1 donation will send a message. Click the link and watch the video, and you’ll want to donate.


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