I’m a little verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic

Perhaps you are too young to get the Mike Myers “Saturday Night Live” “Coffee Talk” reference in the headline, but if you follow @adviserdavid on Twitter, you know I got pretty worked up Thursday about some new research on college student attitudes. I’m somewhat calmer now, but I have a specific suggestion for college editors that I hope you will see fit to share with your colleagues in your own newsroom and your counterparts at other student media organizations.

On the heels of my post early Thursday about cheating and how that relates to what students think about college I found on Twitter a link to a Christian Science Monitor article about the alarming new research.

And, yes, I got a little verklempt.

So you know how I feel.

Here’s my not-so-modest suggestion. Soon, many of you will meet in Chicago at the National College Media Convention. You’ll be amazed at the brains and talent of your peers from around the country. You’ll talk vaguely of cooperating on stories somehow. Well, here’s how. Start reporting on:

Publish stories, photos, video. Solicit more comments. Engage your audience.

When you get to Chicago (and before, if possible) talk with your counterparts around the corner or around the country about sharing your reporting. It could be as simple as links or as elaborate as a shared site offering your journalism and promoting discussion. (I suspect that a well-done shared site would be promoted by national media targeting students.)

I hope you’ll share this idea, even if you just retweet it. However you do it, discuss amongst yourselves.


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