Tipsheet: Story idea roundup 8/19/2012

Sex, race, money, the future of toilets and a modern ode to joy. Rounding up recent tweets with a little elaboration:

A large survey says college students don’t respect peers who “hook up” too much. (Discuss while I’m not listening.)

The upcoming Supreme Court consideration of a Texas admissions case puts the spotlight on the modern evolution of the argument over affirmative action. These days, the focus is less on disadvantaged individuals and more on the value of diversity in higher education. To put it mildly, you can find a range of opinions on your campus about this.

Bill Gates — yes, that Bill Gates — is funding college research into building a waterless toilet that could save lives in the Third World and conserve water in the developed world. Anyone on your campus working on futuristic ideas like this? Or faculty and/or students with first-hand knowledge of Third World clean water challenges?

Bank/credit card provider Higher One will pay students $11 million in restitution. Refunds on your campus?

Not that I think going to college is all about making money, but a new study says a degree is still worth it financially. Asking students of different majors and outlooks on life about whether this matters would be interesting.

Do yourself a favor and watch the “60 Minutes” piece titled “Joy in the Congo.” You might be moved to do a story or photos or video about a choir or orchestra, but I hope mainly you’re moved to capture someone’s passion about something.


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  1. That’s so funny…
    Top of my list of new story ideas was the “hooking up” story. Thought it would make a good first column for our sex columnist.

    And, I saw the new toilet thing too.

    Ya know what they say about great minds…

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