The power of live tweeting

Some baseball fans would rather listen to a game on the radio than watch it on television. Hearing a fellow human tell a story can be more compelling than actually seeing the event. Which brings me to Twitter.

I sat in a diner today hanging on every word of a Twitter feed as it was read to me from the smart phone of David Schick, editor-in-chief of The Collegian of Georgia Perimeter College. The tweets were a running account of remarkable developments in the controversy at the Red and Black student newspaper at the University of Georgia.

The tweets came fast and furious. About once a minute, I leaned over toward David’s phone and said, “What?!” (just as baseball fans will stare at the radio at key moments). A couple of times David said, “Look!” and showed me a Twitter photo.

At first, the reporter in me thought, “I wish I were there!” Upon reflection, as a member of an audience, I think I had a richer experience by hearing the terse bulletins add up to form a drama.

Perhaps I wax a bit too philosophical. So my practical point: Embrace Twitter during live events! It’s a medium built for immediacy and the quick, concise writing that journalists do better than anyone. And if you give the Twitter followers in your campus community the kind of experience I enjoyed today in the diner, it’s a safe bet some of them will become loyal readers.


About adviserdavid

Student media director, Georgia Southern University

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