Tipsheet: Weekly story idea roundup 08/04/2012

Rounding up student media story tips from my tweets, with some elaboration here and there:

Poynter reports on swearing in newsrooms, I wonder how much swearing you hear on campus, who is offended, is there a line you can’t cross?

Will you live with your parents after graduation? This study says a lot of people do.

Does your college ID meet voting requirements in your state? It’s a problem at least in Pennsylvania.

You know you shouldn’t text and drive. This guy drove off a cliff while texting about how he should not text and drive. An 18-year-old in Massachusetts is going to prison for a year for causing a fatal accident while texting. The National Transportation Safety Board wants to ban all cell phone use by drivers. “This (distracted driving) is becoming the new DUI. It’s becoming epidemic,” NTSB member Robert Sumwalt told CNN. And yet, STUDENTS STILL TEXT AND DRIVE. Why? Is it hypnotic? Is it like smoking?

All your readers have mobile phones. How many of them hate their service provider’s coverage area? There are some good numbers in a new survey, and you can follow up by walking around and looking for people swearing at their phones, holding it at all angles trying to get a signal, etc.

Covering the election season: Ask, “Who cares?” Seriously. Also, ask students if they are optimistic about the future. Do they think they’ll be happy with their lives in five years?

The Aurora shooting suspect had worried a college counselor. What happens on your campus when a counselor (or anyone else) considers a student to be a potential threat? The Student Press Law Center points out that some policies designed to protect students sometimes wind up forcing out troubled students without offering help.

We joke about everything. But is illegal or against school policy to joke about violence on campus? A professor who got fired for saying that he’d like to shoot tardy students just won one round in court.

I thought college was supposed to be fun. TIME reports that college students are more stressed than ever. The No. 1 worry is money, but it’s worth asking your students what they stress out about.

Before the next on-campus blood drive, how about looking into who gives, who doesn’t and why? And should gay men still be banned from donating? Students offer thoughts here.

Looking to go into depth on a big question? How about “Is college worth it?”

Are students comfortable with having their phones report their location to corporations? This study suggests they might not mind if it saves them money.

Do geeks who flock to DragonCon and otherwise act nerdy discriminate against women? Can you be a “geek girl?”

I tweet ’em as I see ’em. So follow me on Twitter: @adviserdavid.


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