Monthly Archives: May 2012

What hurts?

After you’ve been hurt, it’s hard to be open-minded about whatever hurt you. That’s worth  keeping in mind in  your journalism life, especially if you’re a leader.

At  a large daily newspaper not so many years ago, I moved from a “downtown” editing job to a reporting position in a suburban bureau and made friends with several experienced reporters there. I was surprised one day to find myself arguing with two of them about the two former top editors of our metro department.

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Are you freaking out with joy?

In a great read on leadership, “Take the Lead,” Betsy Myers tells a story about her daughter, Madison.

At age 6, Madison went to a friend’s  dance recital. She instantly decided to become a dancer. Her mother enrolled her in a class and then took her to a store to buy dance clothes. Standing in front of the mirror in the fitting room, wearing her chosen black leotard and skirt, Madison said, “Mommy, I am freaking out with joy! I was born to dance!” Three years later, she still was dancing.

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